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Pink Floyd, NASA and the Dark Side of the Moon

Almost everyone has heard it but almost no one has seen it. Now you can do both. Pink Floyd released The Dark Side of the Moon in 1973. The album has since been re-released in a variety of formats, has sold … Continue reading

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Can Psychology Be a Mathematical Science?

  Can psychology be a mathematical science? The simple answer is “Yes, and it has been from the very beginning.” Psychology became a recognized science in the mid 1800s. The key finding that shifted psychology from a philosophical pursuit to a scientific … Continue reading

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A New Look at the Sun

It’s too hot (or makin’ a dragon wanna retire part 2). The photosphere of the sun (the part of the sun that is usually considered to be its surface) has a temperature of about 6,000 °C.  For comparison purposes, animal fat … Continue reading

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How Dogs and Cats Drink

Like a lot of other people, I assumed that when dogs and cats lap water out of a bowl they scoop the water up with their tongues. Some recent research in the field of fluid dynamics that makes use of … Continue reading

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