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I am a cognitive scientist, a freelance writer and author (Nutrition for Cyclists: Eating and Drinking Before, During and After the Ride), a musician (Parametric Monkey - stream on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube), a bookstore owner (Monkey Books - first edition mystery, science fiction, fantasy and more, listed on ABE books, Amazon and Biblio), and a retired house painter, children's theater actor & owner, and university professor. I'm also a regular contributor to the technology section at Forbes and I write a cycling blog called Tuned In To Cycling. You can follow me on twitter @TheInfoMonkey and contact me at

Music in 1967 Part 1 – Albums

“It was (50) years ago today . . . “ Happy to watch 2016 recede in the rear-view mirror, I looked 50 years further back and thought that if memory serves, 1967 was a pretty good year for music. But did memory … Continue reading

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Music in 1967 Part 2 – Songs

“And my soul has been psychedelicized” This is the second of two posts that present Spotify playlists of music from 1967. See “Music in 1967 Part 1” for two album-focused playlists. With one exception, each playlist contains a unique set … Continue reading

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Malware attacks ramp up from Black Friday to Christmas

Credit: Loren Javier/flickr Be careful if you’re shopping online this holiday season. Enigma Software, an online security company, reports that malware infections between Thanksgiving and Christmas increased by 42% from 2013 to 2014 and 82% from 2014 to 2015. The … Continue reading

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Hoisting YouTube’s Content ID system on its own petard

A couple of years ago Google introduced its Content ID system to YouTube. Copyright holders upload their content to Content ID and whenever someone uploads a video to YouTube it’s matched against this massive content database. If any segment of the … Continue reading

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A brilliant inventor and fighter for equal opportunity

In the early 1960s James West and his colleague Gerhard Sessler invented the electret microphone while they were working together at Bell Labs. The condenser mics that were being used at the time cost hundreds of dollars; an electret mic that … Continue reading

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Hubble and the big blue bubble

NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope 26 years ago on April 24, 1990. In celebration they decided to give us this birthday present. The image is of the Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635). The bright star inside the blue bubble is a … Continue reading

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Deep learning, the Oculus Rift and more

Recent articles for Forbes Deep learning is a type of AI that makes use of multi-layered artificial neural networks to do amazing things. I was a graduate student when neural networks first hit the world of cognitive science in the 1980s. … Continue reading

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Twin Danger

  Beautiful arrangements, gorgeous vocals and a tenor sax that will melt your walls. If this sounds good to you, check out Twin Danger. The vocalist is Vanessa Bley, the daughter of the brilliant jazz pianist Paul Bley. The saxophonist … Continue reading

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The demographics of online dating, games that respond to your emotions and more

Recent articles for Forbes Who uses online dating services? The answer may surprise you – it turns out everyone does. Many online dating services advertise that they will find the perfect companion for you. What if they’re right about that? Find … Continue reading

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Computer writes political speech. Does anyone notice?

Can you tell the difference between a political speech written by a computer program and one written by a speechwriter? Valentin Kassarnig at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has written a computer program that writes political speeches on demand and it … Continue reading

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