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Are Digital Skills Useful in the Middle-Skill Job Market?

It’s mid-March of 2015 and unemployment in the US is at it’s lowest point (5.5%) since May of 2008. But you don’t have a job. You also don’t have a college degree. Is there a decent job with a future for you … Continue reading

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Changing Musical Tastes

Paraphrasing the philosopher Immanuel Kant, good data without a good infographic is blind, a good infographic without good data is empty. The Music Timeline is a multi-layered, interactive infographic developed by Research at Google that is beautifully designed to illustrate the popularity of … Continue reading

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Why Did Your Diet Stop Working?

Does this sound familiar? You decide it’s time to lose some weight.  There’s a hot new diet you’ve been hearing about and people you know swear it’s working for them.  You buy a book about the hot new diet; maybe you … Continue reading

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How Reliable Are Conclusions Based on Social Media Data?

The popularity of social media, the digitization of large databases, smartphone, laptop and tablet apps that gather user-generated data, the internet of things, and the reliance on cloud storage has increased the availability of very large data sets for both discovery … Continue reading

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What Does Xbox One Sales Have “More Than Tripled” Mean?

We’re often told that something increased or decreased by a certain percentage.  This isn’t very useful unless we’re also given some additional information.  Here’s an example. In mid November online media and news websites that cover gaming and digital technology … Continue reading

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