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The demographics of online dating, games that respond to your emotions and more

Recent articles for Forbes Who uses online dating services? The answer may surprise you – it turns out everyone does. Many online dating services advertise that they will find the perfect companion for you. What if they’re right about that? Find … Continue reading

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Population Movement Within the United States

About a month ago The Info Monkey took a look at the sources of population growth in the United States in 2012 with the aid of an interactive map developed by the US Census Bureau. Recently the New York Times took … Continue reading

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Sources of Population Growth in the United States

In recent years the population of the United States has increased by approximately 0.7% each year.  Which areas of the United States experience this growth? Where does a local increase in population come from? Do the number of births outweigh the number of deaths? Do people move into the area? … Continue reading

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Social Media Demographics

How deeply has the internet penetrated US society? What kind of people are online? How many US adults who are online make use of social media? Are there differences in the kinds of people that use different social media? The Pew Research … Continue reading

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