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Hoisting YouTube’s Content ID system on its own petard

A couple of years ago Google introduced its Content ID system to YouTube. Copyright holders upload their content to Content ID and whenever someone uploads a video to YouTube it’s matched against this massive content database. If any segment of the … Continue reading

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The demographics of online dating, games that respond to your emotions and more

Recent articles for Forbes Who uses online dating services? The answer may surprise you – it turns out everyone does. Many online dating services advertise that they will find the perfect companion for you. What if they’re right about that? Find … Continue reading

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Jerry Lawson: A video game pioneer

Jerry Lawson was a largely self-taught electrical engineer and video game pioneer who was almost forgotten during his lifetime. His father was a longshoreman who loved to read about science; his mother was uncompromising in her insistence that her son get a … Continue reading

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How virtual reality affects balance

In an earlier article we wondered whether Daredevil has a harder time keeping his balance because he’s blind. Blindness raises questions about balance because human balance rests on the complex interaction of visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems. Any problems Daredevil may have … Continue reading

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The Japanese Game Industry Today

  From the early 1980s to the early 2000s Japan was at the forefront of the gaming industry. Sony, Nintendo and Sega made the premier consoles. Nintendo dominated (and continues to dominate) the hand-held market. Japanese franchises like Final Fantasy, Super Mario, … Continue reading

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What Does Xbox One Sales Have “More Than Tripled” Mean?

We’re often told that something increased or decreased by a certain percentage.  This isn’t very useful unless we’re also given some additional information.  Here’s an example. In mid November online media and news websites that cover gaming and digital technology … Continue reading

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