The demographics of online dating, games that respond to your emotions and more

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Recent articles for Forbes

Who uses online dating services? The answer may surprise you – it turns out everyone does. Many online dating services advertise that they will find the perfect companion for you. What if they’re right about that? Find out one possible consequence in Report Shows More People Of All Ages Are Dating Online, an article about the demographics of online dating.


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Credit: Online Trust Alliance/YouTube

Do you plan on using one of the “free” e-file tax services to file your income taxes? The Online Trust Alliance audited the 13 e-file tax services recommended by the IRS and found that 46% of them failed the OTA’s security tests. Find out which ones failed and why they failed in Six ‘Free’ E-File Tax Sites Recommended By The IRS Fail Security Test.


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Credit: Affectiva/YouTube

Affectiva, a spin-off from the MIT Media Lab, has built a system that can identify emotion from webcam images of a person’s face with a high degree of accuracy. They recently released an SDK that allows game developers to build games that respond to the player’s emotions. Find out how Affectiva does it and how games can use emotions so that your face is as important as your controller in Gaming: ‘Nevermind’ Reads Your Mind And Adapts To Your Emotions.



Credit: Matthew Daniels/Polygraph

If you missed the Info Monkey post about an automated, interactive infographic that captures the history of hip hop, take a look at Brilliant Data Visualization Brings The History Of Hip Hop To Life.  If you haven’t experienced Matt Daniels’ hip hop timeline you really should check it out. “Brilliant’ is an understatement.

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