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The demographics of online dating, games that respond to your emotions and more

Recent articles for Forbes Who uses online dating services? The answer may surprise you – it turns out everyone does. Many online dating services advertise that they will find the perfect companion for you. What if they’re right about that? Find … Continue reading

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Baseball: Engaging the audience – Part 1

An earlier Info Monkey article suggested that the audience for e-sports is just the audience MLB (and every other major sport) wants to attract. It also argued that tinkering with tiny adjustments to speed up the game isn’t likely to … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law and the Technologies of Daily Life

One small step. One giant leap. On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. It was awesome. It still is. The picture above shows part of the instrument panel of the Apollo lunar command module. The person in the picture … Continue reading

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Streaming, Music and Money: Musicians Who Signed with a Record Label

The first article in this series made use of an outstanding infographic from Information is Beautiful titled “Selling Out” to illustrate how little money independent musicians make from streaming their music. The situation is even worse for musicians who signed with a record label. … Continue reading

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Streaming, Music and Money: Independent Creators

    Who makes money from streaming music and how much money are they making? Two things should be kept in mind when you think about trying to answer these questions. First, the money flow in the music industry in general and … Continue reading

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Brilliant Data Visualization Tool for Cities in the UK

Duncan Smith, a researcher with an interest in urban geography, has created a “mapping platform designed to explore the performance and dynamics of cities in Great Britain.” It’s called Luminocity-3D and it’s awesome. Luminocity is presented as a set of maps that … Continue reading

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Broadway the Digital Way

Sometimes amazing things happen when you give people tools and let them loose. On Broadway, “a visually rich image-centric interface” is a good example. What’s a visually rich image-centric interface? It could be a lot of things.  In this case it’s … Continue reading

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