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Hubble and the big blue bubble

NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope 26 years ago on April 24, 1990. In celebration they decided to give us this birthday present. The image is of the Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635). The bright star inside the blue bubble is a … Continue reading

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Light My Fire / Smite My Fire

  Earth, air, fire and water. So many possible combinations. So many possible stories. One story we all know is that air feeds fire while earth and water smother it. Natural antagonists. A fair fight – two against two. Turns … Continue reading

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Pink Floyd, NASA and the Dark Side of the Moon

Almost everyone has heard it but almost no one has seen it. Now you can do both. Pink Floyd released The Dark Side of the Moon in 1973. The album has since been re-released in a variety of formats, has sold … Continue reading

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Awesome Archery

    You thought Legolas was cool? Check out Lars Andersen. The video gives you the impression that archery as it is currently practiced in competitions and depicted in films and games is not anything like the way archery was practiced by … Continue reading

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The Seasons Come and the Seasons Go

  A glance at the dance between the snow and the plants. Here’s another version that combines the view from the north pole seen above with two other viewpoints. John Nelson combined a series of monthly pictures of the earth provided by NASA’s Visible … Continue reading

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Precision Choreographed Martial Arts

Check out this video of a Chinese team from the 10th World Wushu Championships held in Toronto in 2009.   Amazing. Roughly translated, “wushu” is Chinese for “martial arts”. Competitive wushu has two components: taolu (forms) and sanda (sparring).  I believe … Continue reading

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What Music Looks Like

This one is awesome. Cymatics is field of endeavor that explores capturing sound in a physical medium. As an area of exploration cymatics appears to be mainly about science and technology, although some see it as an opportunity to engage in mystical … Continue reading

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Make a Dragon Wanna Retire

Like that big band funk? Check out Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars. When I first put this post in the que for The Info Monkey, Uptown Funk was just another track among many.  While the post was … Continue reading

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