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Ride a Satellite and Orbit the Earth

  NASA has created an interactive AAA app called Eyes on the Earth.  AAA? Awesome? Amazing? Absolutely!  If you are interested in earth-orbiting satellites and the information they gather, beautiful pictures of the earth, or cool things on the internet, … Continue reading

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The Seasons Come and the Seasons Go

  A glance at the dance between the snow and the plants. Here’s another version that combines the view from the north pole seen above with two other viewpoints. John Nelson combined a series of monthly pictures of the earth provided by NASA’s Visible … Continue reading

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Amazing Greenhouse Gas Simulation from NASA

Take a look at this amazing simulation of how carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases change in volume and move through the atmosphere over time. The swirling red/orange/yellow colors in the northern hemisphere represent carbon dioxide while the white/gray/black colors … Continue reading

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