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Song Structure, Foo Fighters, and Parametric Monkey

I produce music under the name Parametric Monkey and a number of my tracks are structured so that the listener is taken to a different place at the end of the track than they were at the beginning. I often do … Continue reading

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Changing Musical Tastes

Paraphrasing the philosopher Immanuel Kant, good data without a good infographic is blind, a good infographic without good data is empty. The Music Timeline is a multi-layered, interactive infographic developed by Research at Google that is beautifully designed to illustrate the popularity of … Continue reading

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What Music Looks Like

This one is awesome. Cymatics is field of endeavor that explores capturing sound in a physical medium. As an area of exploration cymatics appears to be mainly about science and technology, although some see it as an opportunity to engage in mystical … Continue reading

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Make a Dragon Wanna Retire

Like that big band funk? Check out Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars. When I first put this post in the que for The Info Monkey, Uptown Funk was just another track among many.  While the post was … Continue reading

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