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I am a cognitive scientist, a freelance writer and author (Nutrition for Cyclists: Eating and Drinking Before, During and After the Ride), a musician (Parametric Monkey - stream on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube), a bookstore owner (Monkey Books - first edition mystery, science fiction, fantasy and more, listed on ABE books, Amazon and Biblio), and a retired house painter, children's theater actor & owner, and university professor. I'm also a regular contributor to the technology section at Forbes and I write a cycling blog called Tuned In To Cycling. You can follow me on twitter @TheInfoMonkey and contact me at

Baseball: Engaging the audience – Part 1

An earlier Info Monkey article suggested that the audience for e-sports is just the audience MLB (and every other major sport) wants to attract. It also argued that tinkering with tiny adjustments to speed up the game isn’t likely to … Continue reading

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Baseball: Speeding up the game is not the answer

The powers-that-be in major league baseball (MLB) want to speed up the game. Why? Part of the reason is a perception that baseball has an age problem. According to Sports Media Watch approximately half of the TV viewers of the 2013 … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law and the Technologies of Daily Life

One small step. One giant leap. On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. It was awesome. It still is. The picture above shows part of the instrument panel of the Apollo lunar command module. The person in the picture … Continue reading

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Negotiating the Strike Zone During a Major League Baseball Game

Baseball is a game of brilliant and beautiful contrasts. People who don’t understand the game describe it as slow when in fact there is so much going on between one pitch and the next that it takes careful concentration and … Continue reading

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Streaming, Music and Money: Show Me the Value

We showed you the money in the previous post in this series. Showing the value is a more difficult proposition. In capitalist societies value is often measured, and sometimes exclusively measured, in monetary terms. There often seems to be a quiet … Continue reading

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  It is estimated that in 2012 someone in the world was murdered every 72 seconds. 437,000 people. Murdered. According to the US Census Bureau that’s more than the entire 2010 population of a number of large US cities such as … Continue reading

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Streaming, Music and Money: Show Me the Money

Streaming is changing the way people listen to music while record labels, music companies, music providers, and musicians complain that they’re not getting enough money. Is there money in streaming? How much money? Who is getting it? Why is everybody complaining? According … Continue reading

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Does Daredevil Have a Harder Time Keeping His Balance Because He’s Blind?

In the 10th episode of the Netflix Daredevil series Foggy asks Matt (aka Daredevil) if being blind has an effect on losing your balance when you’ve had too much to drink.  Good question. Matt answers that balance has something to do with fluids … Continue reading

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Streaming, Music and Money: Musicians Who Signed with a Record Label

The first article in this series made use of an outstanding infographic from Information is Beautiful titled “Selling Out” to illustrate how little money independent musicians make from streaming their music. The situation is even worse for musicians who signed with a record label. … Continue reading

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Streaming, Music and Money: Independent Creators

    Who makes money from streaming music and how much money are they making? Two things should be kept in mind when you think about trying to answer these questions. First, the money flow in the music industry in general and … Continue reading

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